Thunderbirds Board Game: Tracy Island Expansion #1

Thunderbirds Tracy Island - Expansion #1

With this first expansion for Thunderbirds the 50th Anniversary Co-Op board game, International Rescue fans get to take command of the iconic base of the Tracy brothers, Tracy Island 

Confront a whole new series of man-made and natural disasters, operate new equipment and pilot new machines, while still working to foil the evil machinations of the nefarious Hood. 

Join new characters like Tin-Tin, Brains and Parker and report for action to control of International Rescue's secret base. 

Get ready to drive a whole new set of vehicles like the Ladybird Jet and FAB 2, responding to exciting challenges from around the world. 

The Thunderbirds: Tracy Island expansion features:

New Playable characters like Tin-Tin, Brains and Parker

-New 56 card disaster deck adding the new characters and Thunderbird machines
-Extra F.A.B. And event cards
-Also included is a model of Tracy Island 
-Comes complete with models of 14 special Pod vehicles for mounting in your Thunderbirds, highly specialised -components designed to avert disaster and save human life!


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